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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all ongoing service and maintenance for our rental packages is included.
Equipment that is purchased is also covered, when a coffee contract is in place

All our equipment in our bean to cup range use fresh milk

No, only dairy milk can be dispensed from automatic machines however we supply an additional automatic milk steamer to cater to non dairy alternative milks

Depending on the type of coffee machine, most of our machines will give you approximately 60-70 cups of coffee.

Depends on the machine, but we recommend that the machine is plumed for water and waste, but most can be used with the with the internal tank supplied.

Daily, however some of our machines has a self cleaning cycle that we schedule in the calendar, all coffee machines need to be cleaned daily with a deep clean done once a week, and we can train your staff on this process.

We will provide all your options that is most suitable for your business, we will take in the amount of people in the office and there choice of drinks.

No, we don’t offer contracts to our customers, so you will never be locked in to one, We believe that we offer exceptional service and always find the right products for our customers and completely back ourselves with our premium office supply coffee solutions.